Between The Wars
Part 5
Maxi Herber 1935
Miss Maribel Vinson 1932
Megan Taylor age 7 (1928)
Freda Whitaker, United States 1935
After she left the amateur arena, two British skaters, Cecilia Colledge and Megan Taylor, ruled womens skating and, by their duels, in which no quarter was asked or given, captured the imagination not only of the skating, but of the whole sport-interested world. These two girls were, to within a month or two, the same age & in 1932, when both were eleven, they went to the Winter Olympic Games at Lake Placid in the U.S. which Henie, at eighteen, won. In the British Championships, Megan won in 1932, 1933 and 1934 with Cecilia as runner-up. Then Cecilia won in 1935 and 1936 (Megan did not skate in these two events) and then in March, 1937, again in December, 1937 (after it had been decided to change the. time of year so that the reigning Champion could go abroad to international competitions usually held in January and February as champion), & again in 1938. These three, Megan was runner-up.
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