Part 1
About the year 1864/5 Jackson Haines appeared and gave exhibitions in many of the capitals of Northern and Central Europe. Wherever he went he gained many followers to his novel methods of skating, but, unfortunately for American skaters, he never returned home to his native land to hand down to them the wonders of his marvelous art.
Until the years 1860-70 the art of skating had made very little progress in Europe, although speed skating had already been practiced for centuries, having originated in the Netherlands. When in the winter of 1864-5 Jackson Haines appeared, and as professional skater traveled through all the capitals of Northern and Central Europe, everywhere he found enthusiastic disciples and followers of his art; but his influence on the art of skating was most felt in Vienna, and the Vienna School owes not a little to him and his methods of instruction. The first skaters of Europe acknowledged Haines as their master; and so, on his appearance, his new and original methods of skating caused a revolution in the art of figure skating.
DOUBTLESS many of our American skaters have heard of Jackson Haines, but few, perhaps, know how famous he became after he left America, and the part he played in the development of the International Style of Skating in Europe.
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