There is not a great deal on record of the development of skating during these early times and indeed we have to rely mostly on the paintings of Antony Beerstraaten, Vandemeer and Ostade, who with other Dutch artists portrayed the scenes of life and character, of games and races of the eighteenth century.

The first published work on figure-skating in English, or date as far as I can discover in any language, is:

A Treatise on Skating
Founded on certain Principles deduced from many Years Experience
That noble exercise is now reduced to an Art, and may be taught and learned by a regular Method, with both Ease and Safety.
The Whole illustrated with Copper Plates, representing the Attitudes and Graces.
This work was printed for the author in London and sold by J. Williams, No. 39 Fleet Street;
C. Fourdrinier at Charing Cross and T. Jones in Clare Court, Drury Lane. (Price Two Shillings.)
It seems to have been inspired by, written for, and dedicated to
The Right Honorable Lord Spencer Hamilton:.
R. Jones, Gent.
Origins of Skating
Part  3
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A view in Kensington Garden, London, 1842