The unlucky skating public seems to have had this principle of the blind leading the blind thrust upon it in much the same way as it has the non-technician, the man who has done all his skating with his mouth, the man with the good line of talk, cluttering up the executive and hampering progress.
It was during these years immediately after the cessation of hostilities that I was able to institute the Technical Committee. This idea, which has spread throughout the world and has been adopted even by the I.S.U., had become a dire necessity. At this time Lord Templewood was President of the N.S.A. and his help and influence in the matter were invaluable. At the first few meetings we held I was in the chair with four amateurs on my left and four of the leading professionals on my right. I think more than ever that the Association must work hand in hand with the top ranking teachers. It is a comparatively easy matter to talk about skating, and what should or should not be done, but it is to the men and women who have the task of instilling knowledge that we must look for information on their difficulties and for the result of our legislation on their pupils.
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