Curry skated equally well to win the gold in a memorable performance at the Innsbruck Olympics. Here the decision was far clearer, although the Russian judge still voted for Kovalev and the Canadian judge for Toller Cranston. Both judges were suspended for showing national bias. (In 1977, because the repeated suspensions of individual Russian judges did not seem to be having a corrective action, the ISU took the unprecedented step of banning all Russian judges from taking part in the international championships for the 1978 season. Even so, national bias is still a problem.) Despite a lay-off of ten days, Curry then made a last-minute decision to try for the grand slam at the World Championship at Goteborg. The time away from the ice told on his school figures, and he also made an error in his short programme. Nevertheless his free skating, to Minkuss ballet music Don Quixote, was magnificent, and he won that title to complete the hat trick.
Peggy Fleming in an outside spread.
She would take off from this position into a double axe! jump and resume it on landing -
a feat that has been rarely repeated
John Curry in the outfit he made so familiar.
Here he has skated forward, risen onto his toe rake and will, in a seemingly impossible move,
start to move backwards
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