Skaters and Championships
ONLY such competitions as are held under the auspices of the International Skating Union confer a title to an International Championship of Europe, the World, or the I.S.U. Ladies Championship.
The Championship of Europe, which was held by the Union in 1891/95, was altered in 1896 to the Championship of the World. In 1898 it was decided to reinstate the Championship of Europe.
Second Prize, Olympic Games
London, 1908.
Second Prize, World’s
Stockholm, 1909.
1891. Hamburg: 0. Uhlig, Berliner Eislauf Verein.
1892. Vienna: Ed. Engelmann, Training Eisclub, Vienna.
1893. Berlin: Competition annulled by vote of I.S.U.
1894. Vienna: Ed. Engelmann, T.E.W.
1895. Budapest: T. von Foldvary, Budapester Eislauf Verein.
1896-97 Competition was not held.
1898. Trondhjem: U. Salchow, Stockholms Allmanna Skridskoklubb.
1899. Davos: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
1900. Berlin: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
1901. Vienna: G. Hugel, Internationaler Schlittschuhclub Davos.
1902. Competition was not held.
1903. Competition was not held.
1904. Davos: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
1905. Bonn: M. Bohatsch, Wiener Eislauf Verein.
1906. Davos: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
1907. Berlin: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
1908. Warsaw: E. Herz, C.E.V.
1909. Budapest: U. Salchow, S.A.S.
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