When Fassi later brought a court case against Hamill and her parents alleging non-payment of fees, Hamill counter sued with a charge of slander. The case was settled with the agreement that neither party talk about the terms. However, Fassis Italian temperament makes it difficult for him to conceal emotion and he was observed in a jubilant mood the following day.
Bad instructors on the whole tend not to survive long in this results oriented business but the career of the promising Yugoslav, Sanda Dubravcic, who was second in the 1981 European Championship, was Stunted because the wrapped leg fault in her jumping was not corrected. This occurs when skaters, striving for rotation in jumps, wrap one leg around the other. As a result a landing can be held although the body has not completed the correct number of revolutions. In Dubravcic's case, the fault was too engrained to be eradicated at such a late stage of her career and her world standing has declined as she has aged.
Some instructors may feel their job is confined to teaching and are unwilling to accompany their pupils to competitions since this means a temporary loss of income from their other pupils. (In some cases the loss is permanent as other pupils become jealous of the attention the favoured skater is receiving and seek coaching elsewhere.) However a young competitor is at an enormous handicap without the support of a trainer. When Debbie Cottrill, the British champion in 1978 and 1981, competed in her first international event in Canada a few days after her fifteenth birthday, she lacked the emotional support of a coach, a parent, or a team manager. After the last school figures practice she discovered she had been training on the wrong figures. She had not been informed of a rule change made a few months earlier. Before the free skating her nose started to bleed. An alert coach might have persuaded the referee to let her skate a little later when the bleeding had stopped. Instead, she performed with one nostril blocked with gauze which hindered her breathing, making it hard for her to complete her four-minute routine. It was not surprising she made a less than spectacular showing.
Kathryn Adams, USA, who has overcome a number of injuries to achieve outstanding success as a junior.
Anett Poetzsch of East Germany wipes away a tear after winning the 1980 Olympic gold.
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