As in so many Olympic Games that followed, the weather at Chamonix had proved a problem, with rain and sleet putting the big rink out of action. One day all the contestants, about thirty speed skaters, fifty figure skaters, and the ice hockey players, were crowded into the curling rink which measured 50 yards by 15 yards. Sonja, in a very short, fur-trimmed outfit, literally pushed her way through this august gathering and did a jump into a sit spin - to everyones immense consternation. Because she was a child Sonja could wear knee-length skirts, in contrast to the older womens voluminous, ankle-length skirts, and this enabled her to try moves previously attempted only by men. All the same, Sonja finished eighth and last, although one of the seven judges in the free skating put her in first place with the champion, Herma plank-szabo.

plank-szabo had won the World title since the Championships resumed in 1922 after the First World War. Within two years Henie had won the silver medal behind her and in 1927, amidst great controversy, she took the title away from the Austrian. In those days each judge represented an individual club rather than a country. In 1927 there were one German, one Austrian and three Norwegian officials. How could these last not vote for their national champion as she delighted the capacity audience, including the king and queen, at the Frogner stadium in Oslo? The other officials complained and the present ruling of one judge per country was brought in shortly afterwards. In her autobiography, Wings on My Feet, Sonja claimed she suggested a reskate in London, but plank-szabo would not accept, and never competed again.

Sonja was unbeaten for the next ten years and her influence changed whole aspects of the sport. After her first tube-shaped dresses, she took to wearing circular skirts with a beige lining, beige bloomers, and matching beige boots instead of the traditional black boots.
The Great Sonja Henie Won Ten Consecutive World Titles
and 3 Olympic Gold Medals
Cecilia Colledge of London,
the 1937 World Champion.
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