Skaters and Championships
In 1879 the English National Skating Association was formed, and at Thorney on December 8th of that year was skated the first championship of England.
In the year 1886 the American clubs united in forming the National Amateur Skating Association; of Canada was formed, and 1889 saw the start of the New England Skating Association.
For ten years the German and Austrian Skating Unions were one and the same.
In 1897 they separated, forming the Austrian Skating Union and the German Skating Union.
The first International Congress was held in Scheveningen from the 23rd to the 25th of July, 1892, at which the following six countries were represented: Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, and Sweden.  This Congress gave a great impetus to the sport
Meanwhile interest in the sport was being kept up in America by such famous skaters as Rubenstein, Phillips, Story, Bacon, Good, Evans, and Dr. Keane, who did much to bring the standard of skating to a very high level.
The Davos Skating Club was founded in 1893 and rapidly became the centre for holding many of the great International contests.
The first permanent skating club in France was the Hockey Club of Paris, founded in 1894. Not much interest being taken in those days in that particular branch of sport, this club disappeared to come to life again in 1903 in connection with the Club des Patineurs, which had been founded in 1896 and responded to a long felt need.
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