Skaters and Championships
It was held in St Petersburg in 1896, Gilbert Fuchs of Munich being first and Gustav Hugel of Vienna second. The next year marks the appearance of Ulrich Salchow of Stockholm, who took second place to Hugel; nevertheless, his great talent was apparent particularly in the skating of the school figures, and time and practice made him the permanent Champion.
THE Championship for Ladies originated in 1905, the first competition being held at Davos in 1906, which was easily won by Mrs Syers of the Figure Skating Club, London; winning again the next year, over Miss Herz of Vienna and Miss Lilly Kronberger of Budapest.
In 1908 and 1909 Miss Kronberger won the Championship.
Pair Skating Competitions are the latest additions to the sport; at the present time the most prominent couples being Mr and Mrs Johnson and Mr and Mrs Syers of the Figure Skating Club, London; Miss Hubler and Mr Burger, of Munich; and M. and 0. Bohatsch of Vienna.
1902. London: Mr and Mrs Syers.
1903. St Petersburg: Herr Euler and Frau von Szabo.
1904. Berlin: Mr and Mrs Syers.
1905. Stockholm: Herr and Fraulein Bohatsch.
1906. Munich: Herr Burger and Fraulein Huhler.
1907. Vienna: Herr Burger and Fräaulein Hubler
In 1908 was held the first Pair Skating Championship of the International Skating Union, which was won by Miss Anna Hubler and Mr Heinrich Burger; and in 1909, in Stockholm, the event was won by Mr and Mrs J. H. Johnson of the Figure Skating Club, London.
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