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This Web-site is the idea of
Fred and Joan Dean, Editors of World Famous
Ice & Roller Skate Magazine of England.
The Web-Site was put together from their vast
Ice Skating Collection.
It was on a Ice Rink is where Fred and Joan, first met, eventually went on to compete in the British Championships in Ice Dancing,
they also helped originate the International regulations, by demonstrating the Ice Dance schedules in Switzerland,
to the authorities at the time.
They then went on to Produce the World-wide
Ice Skate Magazine for over 10 years......
Retiring from they own profession of Print origination and Lithographic Platemaker they own business at 60 years of age.
We are now retired as competitors in the Ballroom and Latin Dancing competitions, Winning regularly, as shown by  cabinets full of Cups and trophies. In  their younger days, hanging off the edge of Sea Racing Catamarans,  collecting many Medals and Trophies on the way. A very full Lifetime, And now in later life, Fred has Sadly Passed On But Joan is still enjoying time in Borden in Kent and in Tenerife..
Great News
The reason for this E-Book is to help People understand the history of this Great Sport and as a tool to publish our own Memorable moments from when we Published the Ice & Roller Skate Magazine and from the Skating World Magazine that ceased years ago.
We now have from one our
old writers of the
Ice & Roller Skate Magazine
The Rights to Publish in Full,
Sandra Stevenson's
great Book Titled
The BBC Book of Skating  1984, and due to the low print  run at the time, this book is very hard to get hold of,
until now
Just click on the
BBC Book of Skating
and we will republish the
book month by month.
Last update by Paul Dean. (Sept  2012)
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Fred and Joan Dean
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